Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kathy Griffin’s Most D-Listable Moments

Watching Kathy's parents it's clear where she got her sense of humor. As a team, few could beat them in sheer fun and outrageousness. To me the highlights of the show were when Kathy visited her parents or talked about them in her show.

And now one half of the team is gone. Although there were quite a few memorable D-Listable moments, I'm describing only a few this week. This post, along with Damselfly's below, is meant to be a tribute to John Patrick Griffin, whose death in February of congestive heart failure was the theme of the third episode.

1. Kathy's last talk with her father. Both sensed an urgency in the situation, and when he told her he loved her and was proud of her, Kathy knew that he was trying to get important things said and that this might be one of the last times she would be able to speak to him. Her emotions were raw and genuine, and a bit painful to watch because we knew her instincts were right.

2. Kathy's description of her father's last moments after he asked that the breathing tube be removed. He died swiftly and peacefully watching golf, his favorite sport.

3. Kathy's first comic performance after her father's death illustrated her strength. Unsure of whether to mention his passing to the crowd, she started the show off with a tribute. The crowd was with her all the way, and she emerged feeling a little better.

Kathy wrote on her blog, "I asked my Mom if it was difficult for her to watch the show, and she said in her inimitable way, “Oh for Christ’s sake, no Kathleen. I love watching it, because I get to see Johnny again.”"

Oh, Johnny, you might have lived until 90 years of age, but we hardly knew ye.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey Paula is Coming to Bravo on June 28th

Did you think Paula Abdul was just an American Idol hack? Wrong. Her name conjures up shoulder pads, scrunchies and the big hair of the eighties. You can see all three in the Rush Rush video with a very young, wet-behind-the-ears Keanu Reeves.

Then witness her performance singing her hit, straight Up, in 1988.

Watching it you are reminded that our Ms. Paula was The Jackson family's choreographer, and that her dance moves were revolutionary for the era. Simon Cowell might make fun of her on American Idol, and her voice might be weak, but there's surprising heft behind that sweet personality.

Can't get enough of Paula? Watch her on Here's Paula on Bravo on Thursday from 10:00 - 10:30 EST.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Michael Adams

My favorite boy from Top Design sent out this bulletin to his myspace friends, which I am proud to say that TheHo is on that list.
"I had this great opportunity to design some temporary conference spaces for a really hip advertising/media company take a look. The link is below.
Heart, Michael "
This Ain’t No Disco » Naked Communications (NY) Awesome job Michael!
I would love to work there, much more so than in some cramped, airless little cubby that smells like old gym socks.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

D-List: Remembering....

John Patrick Griffin
October 29, 1915 to February 17, 2007

"Her father, John Patrick Griffin, worked in an electronics store and her mother, Maggie, assisted in a hospital's administrative office. Kathy is the youngest of three boys and two girls.

Her parents retired to California after Griffin graduated from Oak Park and River Forest High School in 1978. At the time of her father's death in 2007 her parents had been married for 65 years....[He] died in Los Angeles from congestive heart failure and multiple myeloma.

He had appeared on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List many times, as well as four episodes of Suddenly Susan and a number of commercials.

In addition to Kathy Griffin, he was survived by his widow, three children and two grandchildren."
("Kathy Griffin." Wikipedia. Wikipedia, 2007. 20 Jun. 2007.

She might be on the D-List but last night she was A-Class all the way!

A note from her website,
""Thank you for all of your lovely comments and inquiries about my Dad. He passed away Saturday, February 17th at 2pm here in L.A. He had a very far reach in this world and is already missed by so many.

His ascerbic, rapier wit and true heart of gold made for a wonderful combination in a great man. He died from complications due to congestive heart failure AND multiple myeloma. Please keep my mom and my siblings in your thoughts and prayers. What can I say? I just loved him so much."

XXOO Kathy G

Please note that Kathy, her mother and family have chosen the following charity. They ask that anyone wishing to put in a donation to honor John Griffin do so at the following link: American Heart Association. Once again we would like to thank you all for the stream of good wishes and thoughts. They are so appreciated."

Anyway...sadness aside...Marius, how did you feel about last night's episode?

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Chat Live With the Blogging Top Chef Team During the Show Tonight!

Click here to learn more. For instructions to join the chat room, go to the BTC site just before the show begins at 10 PM EST.

Photo of Tre, last week's winner

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bravo in the News

Rene Fris talks to Leigh Grogan about his experience on Shear Genius.

Bravo talks about Peeler's BIG day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting off the D-List Step by Step

Previews for tomorrow's show are available. Click below to watch them. As you know, Kathy's dad is truly ill, and we are all dreading the inevitable moment when she hears the bad news.

Preview One: Calling Dad

Preview Two: Corporate Vegas Gig