Saturday, April 14, 2007

Iron Hair

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Shear Genius is easily one of the best hair-themed reality shows starring a former Charlie's Angel that's been on Bravo in the last year! Let's listen in on the show:

Announcer 1: "Welcome to Iron Hair. For this week's quickfire challenge the geniuses will be cutting and styling a wig."

Announcer 2: "Ooh, that sounds challenging!"

Announcer 1: "You bet! It's going to be really exciting. Shhh, they're starting. OK, everyone is playing it pretty safe to begin with; most of them are using scissors to cut the hair. Oh, wait; what's that? Someone is using a razor!"

Announcer 2: "Gosh, I hope they know what they're doing."

Announcer 1: "Yes, yes; he's doing a pretty standard razor cut to give the hair a little texture. It looks like the strategy is paying off! Wow, look at him go! I haven't seen cutting like that in ages!"

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Jim Drops In To Chat.

We are thrilled that Jim dropped in to chat with all of us.
Welcome to Bravissimo Jim.

US: What's the best way to make gray hair look better?
JIM: Using a blue based shampoo will help to keep the white in your hair bright and counteract the yellow that sometimes makes grey hair look dull. Also remember to not only enhance the color but a great cut will make you stand out even more. Think of the likes of the brilliant actress Judy Dench or the spectacular model Carmen.

US: What is the one hair care product that you can't live without?
JIM: hair spray especially my favorites, each has there own benefits, bumble and bumble styling spray (this one is the best for using with a curling iron for smooth precise waves and curls), Frederic Fekkai (when I use hot rollers or hot sticks this is my pick to use on the hair) and Kerastase (a great finishing spray to keep your hair soft to the touch and shiny.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snipped: Au Revoir, Paul-Jean

Last night we said hello…and good-bye to Paul-Jean, 29, from West Hollywood, CA.

Paul-Jean started off well enough in the Short-Cut challenge, his signature cut was ranked third behind Daisy’s and Tyson’s and was actually judge Jaclyn Smith’s favorite. In fact, in her blog, Jaclyn describes Paul-Jean’s cut as “a classic beautiful cut.”

Unfortunately, that’s where Paul-Jean’s good fortune ends.

The elimination challenge was all about creating hair art. Paul-Jean created something, alright, but it sure wasn’t art.

Paul-Jean believes that beauty emanates from the core of one’s being. And there was, indeed, something emanating from his model. Unfortunately, it looked more like the aftermath of a forest fire than beauty.

Sorry, Paul-Jean. But when you do this to a beautiful model…you’ve made your final cut.

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Guess you won’t have to worry about closet space after all, eh?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That Looks Familiar...

Workout: Talk About Tension

Did anyone else hope that Rebecca would stab Tiffany with her chopsticks last night? Not that I'm choosing one girlfriend over the other...but all I was thinking was Jesse left too soon! Question... if Tiffany hadn't shown up would Rebecca have gotten the invite back to Jackie's?

Anyway, if you love trying to read into what's really going on in this "Jackie-Tug-of-War" as much as I do, checkout Jackie's myspace page where both Rebecca and Tiffany are listed as "friends" and love to leave comments for try to figure out where she spent her last date night!*wink*

Who Is Going

Not sure who will be the first to go...
and who will make the cut?

Click HERE for the first 14 minutes of tonight's
premier show of Shear Genius... on Yahoo.

Then grab your shears and tell us who

you think will be the first one snipped.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tonight's Episode Of Workout

From "The Dish" over on

Fans of "Work Out" know the painful fact that trainer Doug passed away earlier this year. Tonight's episode is the most poignant yet as we see him visit his ex-lover Cheo and get sick. But through the sadness, Doug's friends in Los Angeles have established The Doug Blasdell Outreach Program, and we're glad to be able to tell you about it.

The organization is hosted by the Los Angeles City College Foundation (LACC). All donations will go towards student scholarships, Gay and Lesbian awareness programs, HIV education material and other initiatives. All things that Doug was very proud of. For more information, visit

Douglas Blasdell Outreach Program

From, click HERE to read the interview

"Unexpected Scene Plays Out on Work Out"

with Jackie Warner, regarding tonights show.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Meet The Stylist.

What does Bravo have for us now?!?!?
Shear Genius begins this Wednesday night following the final of Top Design.
These Stylist have attitude, are sassy and even a little scary. For the first time, we have an international cast for a Bravo Show.

Click HERE to view the preview of fun.
Click HERE for a preview of episode 1.
Then read down to meet each of the crew.

Meet them all!

We have a Dr. Boogie in the house from the The Hair Studio Salon in North Hollywood, California

Meet sassy Danna from the Allen Edwards Salon and Spa, in Brentwood, California

Welcome the Hot Daisy from the Om Beauty Co. an AVEDA concept salon in Miami, Florida

A little scary Ben from Chicago, Illinois

From across the pond. Anthony from the Hertfordshire, England
Current Salon: Londoner Salon and Day Spa in Manhattan Beach, California

Handsome Tyson from the Fauntelle in Salt Lake City, Utah

Heart breaker Theodore from the Theodore Leaf in Los Angeles, California

Diva Tabatha from Surfers Paradise, Australia
Current Salon: Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, New Jersey

Mr. Paul Jean from Nice, France
Current Salon: Paul-Jean's Salon on Robertson Ave. in West Hollywood, CA.

Love child Lacey from Vidal Sassoon Salon in Miami

Watch your back Jim from New York City-a based freelance hair and make up artist

and hot Evangeline from the Renaissance Salon and Spa in Cockeysville, Maryland.

12 will begin.
Who do you think will be snipped first?
Who will be the cut above the rest?
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