Friday, May 25, 2007

Who will go all the way?

My gut tells me Daisy will win. But, hey, I've been wrong before! So I decided to go the "scientific route."

I've tallied up the scores for Daisy, Ben, and Anthony, assigning points for wins and standings. (Go to Wikipedia to view the chart I used. ) I gave 5 points for winning the elimination challenge, 4 points for placing high in the elimination challenge, etc, and came up with the following scores.
Daisy - 24 points (on the strength of two wins and four placements in the top group)

Anthony - 18 points (on the strength of one short cut win and two hight placements in the elimination challenge.)

Ben - 13 points (on the strength of being neither in the top or the bottom on three occasions, and placing high in an elimination challenge.

Only one show remains. Who do you think will win? Please let us know with your votes! We will post them, along with the results for Tabatha's Quiz, early next week.

Who Will Win?
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Posted by Ms. Place

Tabatha: Fan Fave

Congratulations, Tabatha. You rocked. You deserved the $10,000, and frankly, to go much further in the show.

You looked gorgeous, by the way. Simply gorgeous.

Dr. Boogie Blues

Pick one, dahlings. It won't be hard to guess. Click here for his exit interview.

Posted by Ms. Place

Ben in triplicate

A fan wanted to see more of Ben. Quickly, here are three shots, including a profile. He does indeed have an interesting face, Anon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shear Genius: That Looks Familiar...

I do realize these posts are getting more and more boring because really I'm running out of inspiration and let's face it, there hasn't been as fun a challenge as the first one.

Anyway, since it was a photo shoot I thought we should see how succesful each of those hair-dos were when they were used in previous photo shoots...

This hair style was definatly better laying down than sitting up...the true definition of "bed-head" or "JBF hair"!

One word...ROCKIN'! Actually this calls for one for each...soo...ROCKIN', ROCKIN'!

I'm not a big Kelly Monaco fact, I'm waiting for them to kill her off my soap...but the look is...well...comparative.

What can I screamed Beyonce.

OMGawd, Boogie's Been Booted Off

Congratulations, Daisy, and Goodbye Dr. Boogie. Here's a turbo recap!

Daisy's hair was WET, WET, WET!! And her Sex Kitten look won her the competition. During a lull in judging, Sally said, "No nasty, no sex kitten, no wet look or strange men in strange places.!" Ms. Place saw this and disagreed with Sally. Yowsa!
EEEEEEEEEHHH! I am sooooooo happpeeee!

Don't cry for me, Benjalina. Your vertical hair stood UP to the test.

Dr. Boogie gone? He of the - "Steppin' in! Steppin in! One sec, Matthew, dahling, you don't know what the effin you're doin'! Steppin' in, real quick! Whaddayamean I'm not a team player?"

In the end, the Dr. took his diamond clippers and his outsized mouth and made a gracious exit. Love ya, Boogie. May you find success and happiness in your professional future.

Shear Genius Episode 7

Who will be the final 3?!?!

Daisy.... Dr. Boogie... Ben.... or Anthony

And who is snipped tonight?

And remember....

The "Shear Genius Reunion: Watch What Happens Special" airing tonight at 11 PM ET/PT, hosted by Bravo's Senior Vice President of Programming Production, Andy Cohen. Viewers will get behind-the-scenes scoop, see reactions to the show and relive the drama as Jaclyn Smith, Sally Hershberger, Michael Carl and the 12 stylists come together once again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tabatha Quiz

Well, dahlings, the deed is done. Tabatha and Tyson are gone and we are down to the final four. Frankly, without Dr. Boogie the show would be so, well, normal.

So, what do you think about Tabatha's outburst on last week’s show? Vote and give us your opinion.

What is your opinion about Tabatha?
I adore Tabatha, and she can do no wrong. The show won’t be the same without her.
Talented woman, but she shoulda kept her mouth shut. She was the instrument of her own destruction.
She should have focused on her own goals and talents, but Tyson baited her.
Tyson was more talented than Tabatha. She was afraid of him. That’s why she was so obsessed with him.
Tyson who?
Other. See my comment.
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Posted by Ms.Place

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shear Genius Finale: Episode 6!

Posted by Eric3000

Sorry this is late; Eric Three Thousand has been experiencing technical difficulties.

Anyway, on with the Shear Genius finale!

Jaclyn Smith: "This show is dragging on too long so we've decided to just send the rest of you home today. I'm sorry but all of you have just given your last cuts."

Wow! Time really flies when you're having fun! That season went by so quickly; I can hardly believe it's over! Well, thanks, everyone, for reading. Good night and drive safely!

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