Saturday, July 28, 2007

Redecorating: Hey Paula Style

Did any of you enter the la la land that is 'Hey Paula' last Thursday?
Here's Bravo’s official synopsis of Episode Six:

Paula plans to rent a house while her home is being remodeled and asks her best friend/hairstylist Daniel to help her decorate. Daniel tours the rental house with Deb the interior designer to determine décor. Daniel and Deb make decorative executive decisions, and move in new furniture the very next week. But when Paula arrives to look at the house, she hates it and calls Deb to complain. After reconsidering, Paula decides to hold off on remodeling her house, and lets go of the newly decorated rental house.

Let's consider the version I saw, shall we?
Paula plans to rent a house while her home is being remodeled. She asks her best friend/hairstylist Daniel to help her decorate, explaining how she likes a unique and eclectic décor. Daniel, thinking he can work with someone whose consideration of others is that of a newt, takes on the task.

He and a nice interior designer, Deb, walk through a luxurious rental house discussing Paula's wishes. They wait for Paula, who is late. In fact, Paula is shopping for jewelry with friends. Recalling the pesky detail that she's made an appointment to walk through the house and provide input she calls Daniel to say she'll be late.

How late, asks Deb, who has her own busy schedule, and who lets Daniel know she must leave at four. Daniel reassures Deb that Paula will honor her commitment. Deb, who seems normal, believes him.The viewer is now treated to an uber awkward version of Waiting for Godot, in which Deb swallows her pride and waits alongside Paula's stooge because this assignment could lead to other bigger assignments if she plays her cards right.

Only Deb doesn't realize that Paula isn't playing with a full responsibility deck.

When it becomes painfully apparent that Paula isn't coming, Daniel tours the rental house with Deb to determine décor. Rather than bother Paula with iddy biddy details like how and where she wants the furniture, Daniel and Deb make decorative executive decisions, and move in new furniture the very next week.

The camera then pans through a nice looking house with Deb saying that she did her best and thinks/hopes that Paula will like the house. Deb is still nursing a hope in her breast that she will meet Paula. At this point my regard for Deb - who has been ignored and stepped on by Paula on several occasions - goes down a few notches.

The Loony Tunes theme song starts up and canned laughter is heard in the background. The viewer is made to understand that Deb's dreams of meeting the singer are being flushed down the toilet.

After Deb leaves, Paula arrives to look at the house. Seeing the tasteful, restrained decor she has a melt down.
Paula walks through the house shaking her head and muttering, then inexplicably demands that Daniel help her drag a birdcage from its unobtrusive position in a corner, saying in effect, Anyone who knows me should know I hate bird cages. Uh, Paula, Deb never met you. How would she know?

Paula nearly tosses her cookies when she sees the gleaming white and chrome bathroom with state of the art glassed-in shower and sunken tub. She calls Deb to complain, saying that even though they've never met and even though Deb has never received direct input from her, Deb should have known instinctively what was in Paula's heart and misunderstood soul. Daniel begins to understand that perhaps he couldn't read his friend's mind after all.

Paula continued to spew her thoughts and bemoan the fact that no one understood her and how she needed ... blah ... blah ... blah .... blah.

I turned the channel off.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Kathy Griffin: D-List Finale

So why does Kathy Griffith fail to make me smile as much as she used to? I still laugh, but not as loud. Is it that her shtick is getting old? Could it be that she has played the D-List card too long? How many times can we watch her try to out do Oprah? Or charm gays from another country? Or date celebrities who are almost recognizable? Or try to get the paparazzi to take photos of her? When is a joke worn and old? Like, right now.

The final scenes of the final show when Kathy and her assistants tossed her father's ashes in the Irish wind were touching, and (unlike Paula) there is true camaraderie between her and her three assistants. The affection is obvious. ("All the love and friendship money can buy."Hah!)

But how D-List is Kathy these days? She’s recognized by all the gays of America and quite a few straight folks; she lives in a fabulous hillside house; and she earns enough to pay a contingent of people – assistants and agent I presume, and a cut of the take with her booking people, not to mention a percentage to the clubs and venues she’s appeared in. If the flight, hotel room, limo, and meals are included on top of Kathy's appearance fee, she must be doing quite well. Witness her lovely and exclusive hilltop home.

Does all the activity I just described sound like those of a D-lister to you? Former child actress Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) is a D-Lister. Kathy is not.

So, my suggestion to Bravo for the next Kathy Griffin go round is to take Kathy off the D List and change the direction of the show. Otherwise there will be a lot more viewers like me the next season – tired of the same old shtick.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Workout: More Rebecca!

While the show is on a break we finally got a chance to pin Rebecca down and ask a few lingering questions we had from the last...hmmm...surprising season.
Is that the right word?

Anyway, we wanted to know more.... You know you want more too....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Shear Genius

Here's a couple of tidbits about two of my favorites from Shear Genius.

Ben Mollin has a new video on his myspace page.

The dude is crazy!

Check out the video here.

Do you have what it take's to work for the amazing Tabatha Coffey? She sent this note out on myspace.

Hairdresser Wanted
Ok you guys know any great hairdressers in NJ or assistants??? Get them to contact me. I am expanding and looking for some fresh faces and new talent.

Thanks Tabatha

The number to call is...
Or send an e-mail to...


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