Friday, November 30, 2007

Recapping Project Runway? Yes and No

Some of us on the Bravissimo team ARE dissin' Project Runway. We've decided to recap the show on our respective blogs, however. To find them, here they are:

  • Ms. Place offers a conversation around the water cooler in which she and her coworkers either ooh and ah over the outfits or rip the designs apart.
  • Eric 3000 brings his own sense of fun to his recap posts, which are often more entertaining than the show itself. His observations are spot on.
  • Marius writes with a unique perspective about PR, but always with insight and compassion.

And don't forget to join our mentors, the Blogging Project Runway crew, every Wednesday night for a live Project Runway party.

To my way of thinking, the best PR recap post, bar none, was written by Dan's little brother. I laughed so hard that my throat stayed sore for days.

Posted by Ms. Place