Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shearly Wonderful Bitch Slap Fest

Tabatha's on a roll...

It takes a woman to know a man. Tyson's nothing but fig jam, and I'm gonna kick his weasely ass!

Or slice and dice him.

Fig jam. Mmm. Sounds tasty. Think I'll try it on white bread.

Meanwhile, in Boogie land...

Wonder what a female butt feels like?

Ayeeeei, it jiggled!

"Ya gotta minimize the maximus, shugah, or you gonna look like a side of beef in no time."

Place your friggin paws on me again, 'Boogie' Langerston, and I'll sic the death star on you.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Shear Genius: Evolution of Man

It's about time we got to some men's cuts! And while at first I thought them all to be greatly improved as I examined the men I have to say some were a step backward...What do you think?

To judge for yourself click here!
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shear Genius: Chatting With Tabatha

US: What's the best way to make gray hair look better?

Tabatha: Color, but if a client doesnt want the commitment shine enhancers,clear glosses and products will always improve the look of grey hair.

US: What is the one hair care product that you can't live without?
Tabatha: Joico K-PAK reconstructor and a great hairspray and styling wax. OK, I know thats 3!!!!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shear Genius: That Looks Familiar...

This week was Period Hair...and since I thought last week happened to also be dated hairstyles...I thought I'd give you something new this week. Who is the most fashionable female that has the wardrobe to dress well in any time period?...that's right....BARBIE!!!
Unfortunatly, I always found my brunette Barbie's pretty...blah. Ah, disillusioned youth.

I'm pretty sure my mom had one like this.

I was even surprised at the similarity. I think Daisy has a collection in a curio cabinent at home.

The doll definatly looks better...sorry, Danna.

I use to put tiny braids in my Barbie's hair...Very Bo Derek!

No, I don't think this one is available to buy.

He thinks he's so good...try it on a head with a 2 1/2" circumference.

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Congratulations, Tyson.

You evil little leprechaun, you're smiling all the way to the Allure Wall of Fame, aren't you? Hah! You and your elegant Elizabethan "do" KICKED ass!. You proved you're more than FIG JAM. (Fu-k I'm good, just ask me.)

Tabatha, I love you, you cool Bitch. But get off Tyson's back, will ya? Rise above the occasion, dahling, and get your mojo back. You're too talented to descend to the level of the petty.

Dr. Boogie showing Tabatha some special love.

Ah, Danna, we are sorry to see you go.

Dr. Boogie called that Wall of Fame "The Kiss of Death," and he was right in your case. Why oh why did you choose a school marmie hair do? You scared Sally right out of her shag and into visions of herself looking like this:

We'll miss you! You are one talented stylist, and you only made this one miss step. Uggh. (Sorry, reflexive reaction.)

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Shear Genius: Episode 5

We are down to 7 stylist.
This week they take the following young men from geek to chic.

Click HERE to check out the preview.

Then come back and tell us who you think is snipped this week.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Remembering Doug

Tonight's finale of Work Out was largely a beautiful tribute to Doug. At the start of the show, the trainers reminisced about Doug and honored him on the beach.

I will always remember Doug's beautiful blue eyes and gentle smile and gentle way with people. Brian’s story about the hummingbird and relating it to his memory of Doug was truly touching. When next I see a hummingbird, I will think of this handsome trainer, who considered himself the daddy or big brother of the show. Here's a link to singer Jody Whatley's touching tribute to Doug. She worked out with him briefly. Click here and scroll down to the third post or so.

Jesse summed Doug up best: "He lived his life with his heart. He was caring, and giving, and beautiful."

Do you have a favorite memory of Doug on the show you’d like to share with us? I can think of no better way to honor him.

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Workout: Ladies First

The Finale of Workout was an especially somber one. Between the loss of Doug and Jesse's friend with thyroid cancer...I was really afraid the entire season was going to end on a downer. But with a photo shoot like this some veiwers night got a little brighter...I personally was laughing at everyone's "sexy" face...but I'm sure others thought different things.

And while this has been an interesting say the least...between the retreats and therapy with the SkyLabbers and the learning to accept their coworker's bisexuality, I definatly think the trainers grew a little bit this year. What do you think Marius?

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Shear Genius: Caption Corner - Episode IV

Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe last week's episode didn't contain so much as one mannequin's head? I know my jaw hit the floor when we got live models for the Short Cut Challenge! I'm sure Dr. Boogie's model wishes they had used mannequin heads! Poor thing. And OK, I think we all suspected Evangelin was a little off her rocker from the get go, but damn if she didn't ride the train all the way to Crazy Town this week! I can't help but wonder if clients really came into her salon requesting a hedge trimmer cut?!? Ya think?

Anyway, thank you as always for your entries! This week's winner got so creative we had to burst the caption out of the frame to accommodate the wackiness! Dan, thank you for playing and congratulations, you have this week's winning caption!
Tabs and Anthony are fun, aren't they? I'm glad you think so because I'm bringing them back for another round! Honestly, I didn't mean to but when I saw these two lounging about in their robes, something about it just felt right. You'll find this week's blank image at the bottom of this post. But first, here's a few warm-ups:

Yes, ma'am!!

Might help if you stopped buying them in boys' sizes...

I dunno, but they'd probably go great with the vinaigrette on your face...
Oh, no she did NOT, just give Sally "the hand"...

And so we come to this week's image. Feel free to indicate whether your caption is a speech or thought bubble and certainly feel free to use either Tabs, Anthony, or both! Have fun!!

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Shear Genius Episode Three or Four: The Massage Episode!

Posted by Eric3000

So Evangelin won last week with her hedge clippers, which was the high point of her entire life:

Evangelin: "It does not get any better for me."

Well, that's a depressing yet accurate statement.

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