Saturday, June 9, 2007

Top Chef Makeover

The idea of a makeover is to look better. Lee Anne Wong from Top Chef Season One got it right. She was always pretty, but these days she looks hot!

Enter our Season 2 chefs for the All Stars Smack Down. Two other chefs attempted a make over and got it all wrong. So, discerning readers, you decide. Whose makeover is worse?

Ilan's white boy ghetto cut?

Or Elia's tousled platinum blond look?

Whose Makeover is Worse?
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Friday, June 8, 2007

In choosing Kathy’s most D-Listable moments I used the following criteria: they had to be delicious, delightful, outrageous, and unforgettable ... not necessarily in that order. Ms. Place

1. Mom and Dad at Rage

Kathy’s mother and father are the true stars of this show. Not only are they funny as hell; they openly love to drink. When Dad revealed that the wine at Rage cost only four bucks, Kathy’s ears pricked up. "Rage? "she asks. "The gay bar?" "Well, yes," Mom answers matter of factly. "Their hors d’oeuvres are only 3 bucks." God bless these people for being so spontaneously funny. Sadly we learn that Dad has not been feeling well and that he’s been in and out of the hospital. We already know that he died and this knowledge makes these scenes all the more precious.

2. Outing Trent, the Hetero Hair Hunk

Trent is good looking in a Johnny Carson sort of way and so unflappable that he became Kathy’s perfect foil. When Kathy announced, “Trent, you should know, I’m your Bitch,” he barely flinched. Then she followed up with, “94% of guys are secretly gay. How many guys have you blown?” Trent simply sat upright. He did not react when she demanded “F-ck me right now!” which confirmed her suspicions. But when he admitted he didn’t know who Fergie and Jennifer Hudson were, Kathy reluctantly concluded, "He's straight!"

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tabatha - Tyson Battle of the Tresses

Get ready!



Only at the Stylists Choice Awards on June 10th! Click here to read more

Food Show Score Card: Week One

And the winner is!

Bravo's Top Chef 4 Star All Stars Smack Down.
Watch the entire episode here if you've missed it.

My score card for week one is:

Bravo's All Stars Smack Down (Prelude to Top Chef 3): A
Fox's Hell's Kitchen: B
Food Network's Next Food Network Star: C

So why is Bravo the winner? While Hell's Kitchen offers the best prize for the winning chef (as head of their own restaurant, no waiting as Harold Dieterle has had to do), there was very little emphasis placed on the food that was being cooked. The viewer spent the majority of time watching the chefs quake under Gordon Ramsey's verbal abuse.

As for the Next Food Network Star, it was clear that the judges were looking for on-air personalities, not necessarily the best chefs. In fact, some of these chefs are barely qualified to work in my home kitchen!

Bravo, on the other hand, places the emphasis where it belongs: on the heat of the competition and the personalities of the chefs. The Smack Down was sheer fun, even though 90% of us had already guessed the ending. Plus Bravo knows how to support its fans, placing meaty material on their website almost as soon as the show has aired.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

D-List: Did Anyone Else Notice...

Last night as I was watching Kathy, I noticed something funny. Not funny haha...Funny weird or even coincidental. In the comments of our previous post Madam Ovary said...
"Is it me or does Elizabeth already hate Kathy? I think I saw cold hatred whenever she looked at her."

Now if you were watching last night you got a chance to see Kathy backstage during one of her visits to the show. I couldn't get the picture so I had to recreate the situation...

Just before Rosie enters, Kathy is in the make-up room asking to use a chair. There is someone in the background being worked on with a blurred out face. Then the camera turns and you see Joy sitting on the other side of the room getting her make-up done. Well, at first I thought it might have been a guest "burry" person is wearing a very distinct black and white striped shirt and when they show actual footage of that episode of The View whose wearing the shirt?... Elisabeth H! So, what does that mean:

-Elisabeth didn't want to be on Kathy's show more than necessary.
-Kathy didn't want to give Elisabeth any more air time.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stop the Presses: Kathy's on the View this week!

With Rosie gone, the View is down two women. Kathy Griffin to the rescue!

Our brassy comedienne will host three times this week! So set your tivos, dahlings, and take a view at The View. Our Kathy is in danger of moving up to the C-world. Hope she's ready for all that fame.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Battle of the Tresses: Tabatha and Tyson Showdown!

Since time immemorial gladiators have donned their war gear and battled to please the masses. Our fabulous Tabatha contacted the Bravissimo team to announce that she and her nemesis Tyson will enter the hairdressing ring at the Stylist Choice Award on June 10th to answer our question once and for all:

Who the heck is the better stylist? (As if we didn't know.)

Click here and enter Behind the Chair to learn more.

Tyson and Tabatha separated by Mary Rector Gable. Fasten your seatbelts, dahlings, we're in for a fab night!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Conversation With a D-Lister


Kathy G: Hallo?

Ms. Place: Hey, Kathy. Ms. Place, here. You don’t know me from atom, but the Bravo Brass asked me to ring you up and have a frank discussion before your third season airs. I’m an image consultant.

Kathy G: Say what, BITCH?

Ms. Place: I’ve been brought in to help tamp down your brash mouth. You have a huge audience, but Bravo thinks they can up the numbers.

Kathy G: Ouch!

Ms. Place: Don't get me wrong, dahling. Bravo loves your honesty. The brass ROFL whenever you dis the famous, but they’ve got their own future to consider. Lots of mouths to feed, and all.

Kathy G: I AM their future, you cow pucky! They think Paula will draw bigger numbers? Hah! What a joke.

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Posted by Ms. Place

Disclaimer: This conversation came purely from Ms. Place's fertile imagination. Although she is convinced that she and Kathy are soulmates, they have never spoken. In other words, don't get your knickers in a twist, dahlings. This post is all about fun and sport.

Love her? Hate her? Who cares? She's entertaining

My Life on The D-List, Season 3 with Kathy Griffin Begins Tuesday, June 5th at 10/9 c. Don't miss this cheeky show, dahlings. Click on the following links for!

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