Friday, June 1, 2007

Shear Genius Finale: the three stylists you will meet in heaven!

Posted by Eric3000

Eight episodes? Really? That's it? I thought there would be at least one more. I thought this episode would narrow it down to the final two, who would compete in the finale next week. I should probably pay more attention.

We start the episode with the three final geniuses sitting with Rene. It looks like Rene should be interviewing them but he is really just telling them what has happened on the show:

Rene: "Hi hi! First you all came on the show and then you cut some hair and people got into arguments and you all cried like little girls and some people were sent home and a bunch of other stuff happened and now we are just left with the three of you!"

Geniuses: "We know all that, Rene. We were there."

Rene: "OK, Mr. and Mrs. Smartypantses, why don't you give us a sound bite."

Anthony: "I have 43 years of experience in the styling industry. And that's pretty impressive because I'm only 39."

Daisy: "At the beginning I was completely misunderestimated."

Ben: "Making it this far on the show is really an accomplishment. But I don't care about all that shit; I'm just in it for the money."

The geniuses learn that they will recreating a Vidal Sassoon style made famous by Olympic silver medalist and hair legend Michelle Kwan. Then they are introduced to the guest judge: God.

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The End, Thud

Whaddayamean I didn't win? Whaddayamean the show is over? Ya mean, THAT'S IT? No champagne? No flowers? No ceremony? Just, Wham Bam,thank you ma'am?

Well! I never!

Posted by Ms. Place

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shear Genius: That Looks Familiar...

Here we are, all you hair the end. I cannot say that I'm surprised. Maybe what surprised me most about the final episode was how unsurprising it really was. This was definately a show that came in with a BANG! and left with a wimper...But to stay I was consistant here is my final "That Looks Familiar..." post of the season.

The stylists were suppose to create a story with their three models as well as working the Vidal "Kwan Cut" into one of their styles. They had their own ideas about their individual are mine:
Mod Movement or not I just like to call this series "Wilson Philips: Come back in progress"

While Ben saw these styles as Inner to Outer Beauty, I saw them as "The Evolution of Rene Zellweger". Maybe he was inspired by Rene Fris' presence.

Daisy was looking for the "S" curve as I was singing movie showtunes in my head. This is the The True Hollywood Story of the "Movie Musical".

Behind The Chair

This evening, Vidal Sassoon spoke to all of us regarding the rebuilding of New Orleans.

We here at Bravissimo have a very special reader and Bravo fan who lives in this beautiful city. He is doing his part to rebuild his city, now it is our turn to help as well.

Click HERE to learn more about " Hairdressers Unlocking Hope" at Behind The Chair. com and how you can donate.

Once you are on the site, click "The Dream" link to learn why a "Village Built By Hairdressers" is so important to Vidal.

If those who style our hair can help... so can we.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anthony Wins!

Congratulations, Anthony! You did indeed deserve the honor of top stylist on Shear Genius tonight!
Fabulous, Ben! You won number two position! Dahling, I rather liked your hairdos most. Well, at least from the front. The embryo 'do' kind of fell flat from the back.

Daisy, you acquitted yourself well. We wish you luck, girlfriend. You were a capable, sometimes inspired performer all through the show, and we love your sparkling personality. But you did not finish your third look tonight.

Vidal Sassoon. OMG. You are the best, kindest, most insightful and distinguished judge ever. And your knowledge of and pioneering work with the hair bob is unsurpassed. Witness your fabulous do's from the 60's.

Rene Fris? Hubba, hubba, hubba, dahling. Finally we got to see enough of you. Please return for SG2 and grace us with your presence. We just loved your generous spirited blogs.

Fan Request

Request was: "Would you have a still photo of Daisy's new hair cut on the Reunion? I love her new cut!"

Here you go Patricia. Since she was facing Andy, we only see this side. As for the look from the back, those shots were of the whole group and no close up of the back.
Hope this is what you wanted.

Shear Genius Final

It is the final 3!

Which two will be snipped?

and which one is the final Shear Genius?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We got this message today over on our myspace page from a Shear Genius fan...

"The folks at Reville who produce Shear Genius have donated a bunch of cool Shear Genius items for an Ebay auction to help support The Challenged Athletes Foundation. The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) is a unique organization that recognizes the athletic greatness inherent in all people with physical challenges and supports their athletic endeavors by providing grants for training, competition and equipment needs.

Some of the items include the Wall of Fame Posters; Shear Genius Posters signed by the whole cast, cast nameplates from their stations, and Mannequin heads from the first Short Cut challenge. It’s for a great cause and it’s a chance to own some great items from the show." Thanks Blackhawk Productions

You never know...
you could get this poster to inspire a better hair day!...maybe...

Posted by Damselfly

New Poll and Old Poll Results

As promised, dahlings, here are the results from the two previous polls. We've also added a new one for the judges.

Results from 'Who Will Win?'

Some of you think that Daisy is just too obvious a choice, but you voted for her nevertheless. Ben and Anthony ran neck to neck, with Ben usually ahead by a nose. It seems that this competition is Daisy's to win or lose. The judges have already demonstrated a lot of Daisy love in their votes, and she seems to be a shoe in. Of course, we all know that BRAVO always has a few tricks up its sleeve, so stay tuned and find out tomorrow who our SHEAR GENIUS winner will be.

Daisy 77%
Ben 13%
Anthony 10%

Results from the 'Tabatha Quiz'

The love just won't stop for our Tabs. Not only did she win fan fave, but the overwhelming majority feel that she can do no wrong and that SHE could have saved herself if she'd just stopped obsessing about Tyson. As for Tyson? He barely made a blip in your collective radarscope. So here are the results:

Talented woman, but she shoulda kept her mouth shut. She was the instrument of her own destruction. 51%

I adore Tabatha, and she can do no wrong. The show won’t be the same without her. 34%

She should have focused on her own goals and talents, but Tyson baited her. 8%

Tyson was more talented than Tabatha. She was afraid of him. That’s why she was so obsessed with him. 4%

Tyson who? 3%

    So here's a new poll, dahlings: My favorite Shear Genius judge or host

Who's your favorite regular judge or host?
Jaclyn Smith
Rene Fris
Sally Hershberger
Michael Carl
Free polls from

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shear Genius, Episode 7: Photo Shit!

Oh, sorry; pardon my French. I should have said "Photo Shoot."

Posted by Eric3000

You'll remember last week's episode ended with Tyson and Tabatha faking their own deaths to conceal their incestuous relationship. Daisy and Anthony won, which means Anthony will be going home this week (it can't be Daisy)!

The quickfire challenge will be to work with Franco-American hair:

Guest Judge: "First you have to determine whether the hair is more like SpaghettiOs or RavioliOs."

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My Life on the D-List: Check it Out

Honestly, dahlings, I think Kathy speaks best for herself when she says: "Hey everybody! I didn't even know BRAVO was going to put episode 1 on their website before June 5th, but hey, as long as they did ... CHECK IT OUT BITCHES!!!"

Ms. Place will be dissin' our fabulous Kath and recapping Season 3 when it starts on June 5th. So stay tuned to Bravissimo after Shear Genius is over, BITCHES, and enjoy the comedic ride. Your first assignment? To choose the partner that will help Kathy off the D-list. Click here.