Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey Paula

Life lessons from Paula Abdul...

#1. Keep your canine friends off the bed.
(Why the hell would you let your freakin mutts on the bed in the first place when you have Boo-Q bucks worth of jewels spread out?)#2. Don't appear on television when you haven't slept or had a decent meal in 3-4 days.
(It's her story and she's sticking to it.)
#3. Have a strong work ethic.
(Apparently nobody works as hard as she does.)
#4. Beware of how you manage your time.
(In other words, be late for everything.)
(Tim Gunn had to wait on her slow ass!)

#5. This is the most important lesson of all.....
Travel in comfort.
(For God's sake, don't forget the damn sweats and white sneakers!)

Now tell us what you think.


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Missed Hey Paula? We Didn't

Paula, Paula, Paula

We need to chat girlfriend. Slow down long enough for me to speak… OK I will just walk at a really fast pace to keep up with you.

Now your team of little elves must be fine people, but you all need some help. Not to fret. We, here at Bravissimo, will help you. You need us on your team.

Here are the first four minutes of the first episode. Our Paula thinks of herself as an ordinary girl. Mmmm. Ms. Place thinks perhaps not. How many of us are surrounded by assistants and publicity people? Here are another few minutes.

First, we will start with Damselfly. Put her in charge of all these assistants. She has experience here and she will snap them into order. She will have them working like a well oiled machine. Your days of not having what you need to board a plane... a thing of the past. Trust me on this one. She is the lady for this job.

Next, Eric 3000 must take over your speech writing. Have you caught his writing? Honey, he will take you past the A list. You think you are funny now. Oh sweetheart, they will begin a whole new list just for you.

As for Simon, well the Ho in Mo can handle him. You will love it. He will actually be speechless with her. I know… a dream of yours. Can you just see him standing there dumbfounded.

Now Brillke, she will do the driving. Your days of being late to any event will be a thing of the past. Hell, New York traffic will not be an issue for her. She also grills a mean cheeseburger, so she has you covered there too.

OK that takes care of your team. Now for you personally, we have the wonderful Ms. Place. She is going to see that you get the much needed rest that you need. This will give you a person that you can chat with on your level. You will be BFF. Trust me.

Now Laz is out on sabbatical for the time being, but again, trust me... he's on the team.

As for me, I’ve got your back. I’ll just keep an eye on you and let you know where else we can help.

Rest Paula, the Bravissimo team is on it.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Heard It Through The Grapevine...

Amanda Cuda from the Connecticut Post reviews "Hey Paula"

The gang at L.A. Rag Mag say that...

"Kathy's Show Is Like Gay Pride The Sequel!"

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chat With Blogging Top Chef Tonight

Starting at 10 PM EST, the BTC crew will have their live chat open. Come and join them. Click here for instructions just before the show starts. The chat stays open through 10 PM Pacific time. Now isn't that grand?

D-List: Kathy's Dating

Just as Kathy is working her way back into the dating scene the worst thing happened...her mom moves in. Just kidding....we love Kathy's mom and are really glad to see her considering keeping Kathy company. Let me tell you, if Kathy hadn't asked her to move in I think I may have.

So anyway, it seems this season is mainly about dating and trying to find Kathy a suitable partener.....This week we focused on two types...
...New potential boyfriends...

...and Old "potential" boyfriends!

In other thoughts...I found this interesting post over at where anthropologist Grant McCracken (Yes, that's his name) works to define Kathy's comedic technique...interesting!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tonight is D-List Time

To whet your appetites, click here for a preview of her date with Ron Jeremy. The show starts tonight at 10 PM EST and 9 PM central time.

Then click on the post below for some previews of Hey Paula, Bravo's new show about Paula Abdul.

Monday, June 25, 2007

"Hey Paula" Preview Time

She is coming. The series premiere begins this Thursday night.

Can't wait!?!

Check out this preview of the first episode.

And catch this preview over on Bravo.

Now remember Paula, your own promo says...

We plan too!!!

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Carpenter Ed Checks In With Bravissimo

Our favorite carpenter, Ed Schoen, from Top Design touch base with us over the weekend. Many of you will recall that Ed was the winning carpenter during the finally episode of TD. We are thrilled to learn what is happening with Ed today.

Hi Bravissimo,
I did shoot an HGTV commentary that will air this fall on HGTV called "25 Renovation Mistakes".
Also I am being considered for a hosting job. It is still in its early stages, but I will keep you updated. The show will be america's funniest videos meets home renovations. Still not sure if they will bring the show back.
Take care,
Ed Schoen

We love you Ed!! Best of luck

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Top Chef Recaps! Season Three, Episode Two!

Click here to check out Ms. Place's recap and other posts!

Click here to check out Eric Three Thousand's recap!

Oh, my god! Ms. Place and Eric Three Thousand used the same title for their recaps! This is so embarrassing! That's worse than wearing the same thing to an upscale barbecue and almost as bad as trying to put lipstick on a pig!

And remember to check out Blogging Top Chef for regular Top Chef updates! Make sure to check back there Monday for the Monday Morning Mixer, which will have more recap links!

Kathy Griffin on Larry King

Here's a funny clip of Kathy Griffin on Larry King Live. She has both Larry and Anderson Cooper in stitches and practically speechless.