Friday, June 15, 2007

Bravo in the News

Multichannel news reports on Bravo going global.

Kathy talks high school with Newsweek Entertainment.

CBS reports on Kathy just missing the bullet.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Episode Two, Kathy's most D-Listable moments are few and far between. Let's just say that Mom and Dad head the list once again.

1. Have You Thought of a Gay Guy?

Mom and Dad are giving their darling daughter dating advice whilst clinking their glasses of wine. Dad is 90 years young. What a hoot. The man is in and out of the hospital, but he hasn't given up LIVING. So who do they think is perfect for our intrepid Kathy?

Sean Hannity.

I pee in my pants laughing. Kathy replies, "Oh, put a gun to my head: I would commit suicide."

Then they ask, "Have you thought of a gay guy?"

"Yes," says Kathy, "I could be Mrs. Aiken. I’m just going to f-ck around. I'm banging a new guy every night."

To which Mom replies ever so sweetly, "I'm glad our friends don't have cable."

ROFL! If I talked to my parents the way Kathy does, they would effin' kill me.

2. The False Back Street Boys Date

Nick Carter is a cute guy in a hefty sort of way. I don't know why he and his publicist agreed to this ridiculous date. Like Damselfly I think that the set up seems stiff and hokie. BUT. There was a genuine moment.
When Kathy refused to slip Nicky her tongue at the end of the evening, our Lothario's feelings seemed genuinely hurt. That was not an artificial moment. He looked into the camera bewildered.

"I was going for the kiss and then she gave me the cheek. That totally sucks man."

I feel for you, boyfriend. But I think you will find solace in the millions you made off those tepid recordings.

And sadly, folks, those were the only D-Listable moments I found in this week's show. It was funny and meh at the same time. Tom, the Whipping Boy's turn as a waiter in the Texas Coral, just wasn't funny enough to describe in detail. Let's hope Episode Three is better. But we think we know what is coming, and I dread having to sit with Kathy in the hospital waiting for a verdict on her dad.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Chef

And the winner is ...
Tre! Congratulations.
Goodbye, Clay. You tried your best, but you were in over your head and you had to go. We barely got to know you.

Here's judge Tom Colicchio and mini-me. Actually, his name is Howie, and his bald head was definitely on the chopping block for not plating his frogs legs. For more about the show, click the link to our sister blog, Blogging Top Chef

D-List: Did Anyone Else Notice...

...that Kathy's show emphasizes putting her is awkward situations? I guess that's a BIG "DUH" (with a D) to me. The first 2 seasons maybe I was a bit ignorant that maybe she was doing it unpurpose or maybe they were better at it not being "shticky"...but this season is really more obviously scheduled for that. Take last night there were numerous times that I felt uncomfortable for her or the people around her...I'll give you 2:

Was this really a date? And she does know that Paris "tapped that", right?

And when she's not being tortured...she's doing the torturing.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tabatha Wins!

YESSSS!! She beat Tyson in the Battle of the Tresses at the Stylist Choice Awards last Sunday.

Dahlings, here are Tabs own words:

"Thanks for posting about the showdown with Tyson. You really amaze me with it all, too much fun. FYI, I kicked his ass!!!!!!!!
Thanks Tabatha "

We at Bravissimo are verklempt. Tabatha is our queen. She simply rocks. Of course she kicked Tyson's little white bony munchkin ass. Was there ever any doubt?

Stay tuned as we hunt TABS down for DETAILS!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Life on the D-List: Check it Out

Tomorrow night is a brand new episode with our intrepid Kathy. Will she find a cool man to go out with? Stay tuned and find out!
Can't wait? Here are some deliciously funny sneak previews!

Keep your eyes open for her most D-Listable moments. Click here to read last week's list.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top Chef 4-Star All Stars Recaps!

We have a couple of recaps up for this very special episode of Top Chef!

Click here for a recap by Ms. Place!

Click here for a recap by Eric Three Thousand!

And, of course, don't forget to check out our sister site, Blogging Top Chef, for regular Top Chef updates and fun!

Lady Finger Rates Top Chef’s 4 Stars All Stars

I am Ms. Place’s friend, Lady Finger. Each week I will rate my favorite and least favorite chefs from the previous week’s Top Chef show.

My middle finger award for least favorite Chef this week goes to … Ilan
Any one object?

Stephen Asprinio earns all my fingers as outstanding and most entertaining Chef. He not only won the quickfire challenge with his perfect omelet, but he led his team to victory with his usual brand of humility. In fact, I decided to ask him a few questions, which I borrowed from James Lipton. I'm sure Mr. Lipton won't mind.
Lady Finger: Hi Stephen, It was nice to watch you in action again.
Stephen: Thank you.
Lady Finger: You seemed less full of yourself. More grown up! In fact you were a team player. I was a bit surprised.
Stephen: Thank you for noticing. I’ve been working on my hubris, trying to tamp it down a bit. I don’t want to turn people off as I follow my bliss as the world’s foremost chef.
Lady Finger: Coughs. Well, do you mind answering just a few questions?
Stephen: No, not at all.

1. "What is your favorite word?” Stephen
2. "What is your least favorite word?"Thunderbird. As in wine.
3. "What turns you on?" My face in the mirror.
4. "What turns you off?" Not being recognized as the greatest chef walking on the face of this earth.
5. "What sound do you love?" My own voice.
6. "What sound or noise do you hate?" The sound of picking up my knives to go.
7. "What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?" Top Chef judge. I know flavor profiles. I know ingredients. I know wine. I know plating. I know cooking. I know about running a restaurant. I simply … know.

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