Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shear Genius VS. Top Design

Dear Ms. Place,
Why are the bloggers who panned Top Design falling all over Sheer Genius? Frankly, I don’t get it. The Assistant, Top Design Stooge

Dear Assistant,
Out of all the bloggers in the universe, why are you asking fabulous me? Ms. Place

Dear Ms. Place,
Because you only called me a dork. Compared to the names the other bloggers gave me, you showed some respect. The Assistant.

Dear Assistant,
My mistake! To answer your question, however, here are some of the reasons why Shear Genius is, well, Marty Scorsesean in scope compared to the Ed Woodian dregs that was Top Design.
1) The short cut challenges (similar to Top Chef’s quickfire challenges) judge the stylists on technical know how and pit them individually against each other. Bravo should have offered Top Design’s talented designers a similar Design Whirl challenge that measured their technical know how, showcased their individual personalities, and provided us with two challenges per show.

2) Because we see less of the Shear Genius judges, their quirks aren’t so readily apparent. I suspect they won’t grate on us nearly as much as Jonathan, Margaret, and Kelly did.

3) When Paul Jean was eliminated, we were able to judge him on two individual challenges. Top Design started out with a thud. We never got to see Lisa or Heather compete individually and they were eliminated before we got to know them. Big mistake.

4) Few can beat Tabatha or Dr. Boogie in the “Over the Top Character” department. (Dr. Boogie’s not gay? Is my gaydar scope off or what?) However, I must admit that Top Design's Mikey (Adams) was in a stratosphere all his own, and few reality t.v. spats can beat the deliciously watchable John/Mikey and Mikey/Carisa feuds.

5) About 3.2 viewers could relate to the Pacific Design Center. I like to stroll through Harrod’s when I’m in London, but I KNOW their furniture is not designed for my budget. Same with Pacific Design Center. Plus the designers were not given enough time to scour its showrooms for furniture. The challenges were prohibitively difficult.

6) Paul Jean sighing like a spoiled teen over the lack of closet space sealed my delight in Episode One. Even though he lasted only one show, he was memorable.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tabatha, Styling Queen

Once upon a time there was a silly Dopey who thought he could gain an edge in the Elimination Challenge by placing the Styling Queen last in line.

"Hah! You fatuous fool. My enormous talent outdwarfs yours by a gazillion shears. Come closer and take a look at my metal encased heart. I dare you."

"... And those silly blathering princesses don’t stand a fairytale’s chance against my splendiferous self either."

"Whew, I think she forgot all about us, Ben. Quick! We gotta get outta here!"

"Too late! Queen Bitch just spotted me. Think I'm toast."

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Shear Genius: That Looks Familiar...

So, since there was nothing familiar about this weeks challenge, I thought I would leave you with a few questions.

Would you get the haircut if.....
...instead of Anthony, Larry, the local electrician, approached your chair with his scary looking wire cutters? You might end up looking "fried"!
...instead of Ben, the overly controlling Martha Stewart brought her garden shears? Whatever she did you know it would look "centerpiece" perfect.
...instead of Daisy, Roy from UPS offered his box cutting skills? I think dry and over-processed would be an understatement.
...instead of Danna, Beth, a mom who can't put down her coupon cutting scissors, provided her services? It would at least be a deal.
...instead of Dr. Boogie, the mall gift wrapper, Sarah, showed up? Whatever it looked like, you know it will be done in 30 mins.
...instead of Evangelin, your neighbor, Mrs. Brown, brought her hedge clippers? It would definitely be earth friendly.
...instead of Tabatha, little Timmy from down the street took a half day at school to give you a cut? Crafty!
...instead of Theodore, your local butcher, Bob brought the cleaver? Tartare, anyone?
...instead of Tyson, world renowned knitter, Esther brought her scissors to the table? Raggedy Ann would have nothing on you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I love, love, love Evangelin. She possesses a magical mix of sweetness, risk taking, confidence, and love for her profession that is simply charming. Wielding hedge clippers like a pro, she deserved the win tonight, no doubt about it.

Two Gone

What a bad night for the younger stylists in the "Short Cut Challenge" and "From Long to Shorter" Elimination Challenge

Ta, Ta Lacey
Your downfall was to put your own spin on an assignment that was explicit: To copy Sally Hersberger’s Meg Ryan shag as closely as possible.

Your mannequin’s haircut resembled something a stodgy German hausfrau would wear. It truly was your time to pack up your scissors and go.
Bye Theodore

There was nothing inspiring or short about your creation. But you behaved with dignity even when Dr. Boogie egged you on.

What a classy, gracious exit. We’ll miss you.

There's something ...

...similar about these hair styles.

Please don't tell me it's the gel.

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Workout: You Better Shop Around

So, last night Jackie took her SkyLabbers (sounds like a room of flying dogs) grocery shopping. And while I would like to say that in concept this was a great idea, I was waiting for Jackie! She should have let them come along while she shopped for herself so they could see what kind of things she takes home. Personally, I would have been thinking to myself "Skinny b!%@#, probably stops in the ice cream aisle when she's alone."

But really, last night episode had it all: tears, laughter, hissy fits and a little Pitt-Jolie action...To find out more stop by my friend Marius' blog for a deeper look into Jesse's attitude and Erika's inner persona.

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Shear Genius- Episode 3

It's Preview Time!!!
The quick challenge involves cutting Sally's trademark "Shag Cut".

Have your pen and paper ready, we are going to learn somethings.
Click HERE to view

Then onto the elimination challenge. From long to short...
pick your tools. Click HERE to view

Then come back and tells us who you think will make the "Wall of Fame"

and who will be snipped.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bravo, Slayer of Stereotypes

You heard me right, they are breaking down stereotypes.

We all remember Dr. Boogies "I ain't gay" statement, right?

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Yes Dr Boogie, we were as shocked as you to hear your statement but thank you for destroying that stereotype.

And what about Paul-Jean saying his only fear was not enough closet space? Your friends at Bravo your back P-J.

And there is Jackie from "Work Out" slaying a stereotype of her own.

Thanks Jackie, now lesbians everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief and stop pretending to all play softball.

So, thanks again Bravo. For each stereotype you bring down, you allow people to be themselves. I will bring you any other now-defunct stereotypes, as they come, and feel free to point them out if I miss any.

Dance Anthony, put an end to another ugly stereotype.

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Post by Brillke

Doug Blasdell

For me the main attraction for watching Workout was Doug Blasdell. I loved his smile and beautiful eyes. He was a gentle man, fit and masculine, and comfortable with being gay. In an interview he discusses his reasons for participating in Workout:
"When I took the job here's what was most important to me: to portray a gay man as a healthy guy who is somewhat good looking and normal. Not over the top gay," Blasdell told "That's important because Hollywood doesn't show that a lot... I want to portray a real gay man for those people in Nebraska that are afraid to come out."

Blasdell said by appearing on Work Out, he also hoped to "show that you can be in your 40's and still have a good body and have a healthy lifestyle."

"I know a lot of 40-year-olds let their body's go. You can have great abs and be forty-three. You just have to work out two or three days a week," he told "And I saw it as an opportunity to be a role model."

Now that Doug is gone, I am having difficulty watching the show. I'm sure that over time I'll become accustomed to his absence, but the show just doesn't seem the same without him. If you want to read Doug’s entire interview, click on the next link: Reality TV World, January 24, 2007

Jesse Brune’s blog on Outzone provides a touching tribute. Jesse gave Doug a rough time earlier this season, and I began to resent him for making Doug’s life difficult when he had so little time left. This heartfelt tribute makes up for some of Jesse’s immature and narcissistic behavior. Click here to read it.

Information about Douglas Blasdell’s Outreach Program can be found on another post on this site. Click here to find out how you can contribute.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Love Shear Genius!

This show is sheer fun! If you haven't seen it yet, and if you loved Top Chef and Project Runway, then this show is for you! Not only is our blog, Bravissimo, recapping Shear Genius, but so are the Project Gay guys, Tom and Lorenzo. There's so much to cover, there's room for us all!

This reality t.v. show is so delicious and fun that you MUST give it a chance. The hair dressers, with their over the top personalities, the colorful (but insightful) judges, and the crazy hair challenges are worthy of an hour of our time. Don't worry if you can't catch this show on Wednesday nights - Bravo offers reruns ad infinitum!

My favorite characters so far?

Judge Sally (got more mojo than Cojo) Hershberger. This lady's fair yet knows her stuff. I trust her judgment.

Tabatha, who tugs at my inner dominatrix heart strings. She's tougher than 100 year cured leather!

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Top Design: 2 Divas...No Waiting!

In case you missed it.....
Jonathan made an appearance on today's episode of Oprah. They talked a bit about how he got into pottery and then they had a "Ghost" moment where Oprah actually got her hands! Actually, I have to say he definitly came across as kinder and more human than he did the entire season of Top Design.

If you missed it check out a clip, read about his segment and see slides at

And check out Bravo's coverage of the guest spot!

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Shear Genius: Caption Corner - Episode II

Happy Monday, everyone! It's nice to see that the good folks at Bravo are having as much fun with this show as we are! I don't know who is responsible for titling the episodes, but whoever came up with the title of, You Have Every Right to Cry, deserves an award!

But enough of my ranting. Let's get on with the caption portion of this post!

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who submitted an entry! You certainly kept us chuckling and while it was hard to pick just one, we eventually selected über-blogger, Scarlett, of Blogging Project Runway and Blogging Top Design as our first winner! So here without further ado is Scarlett's caption in all its saucy goodness:

Thanks for playing, Scarlett! And thanks again to everyone who sent in an entry!

Now here's a few to get you warmed up for this week's image:

Just look at the grip she's got on that thing! You just know she's done this before!

René, you'd better do as she asks!

The Mayor of Over-Processed Village!

Now here's your image! Feel free to use either Sally and/or Jaclyn.

Have fun and as René would say, GO SHAKE IT!

Posted by Laz (who loves Lacey & thinks she's a lovely human being!)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Roots: The Nexxus Generation!

Posted by Eric3000

Shear Genius episode 2, the inspiring story based on the novels of Alex Haley, documents the harrowing journey of a group of stylists as they try to bleach some hair and reach a level 8 or higher. It has Golden Globes written all over it.

Read the rest of this post here!

Separated at birth...?

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