Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Poll and Old Poll Results

As promised, dahlings, here are the results from the two previous polls. We've also added a new one for the judges.

Results from 'Who Will Win?'

Some of you think that Daisy is just too obvious a choice, but you voted for her nevertheless. Ben and Anthony ran neck to neck, with Ben usually ahead by a nose. It seems that this competition is Daisy's to win or lose. The judges have already demonstrated a lot of Daisy love in their votes, and she seems to be a shoe in. Of course, we all know that BRAVO always has a few tricks up its sleeve, so stay tuned and find out tomorrow who our SHEAR GENIUS winner will be.

Daisy 77%
Ben 13%
Anthony 10%

Results from the 'Tabatha Quiz'

The love just won't stop for our Tabs. Not only did she win fan fave, but the overwhelming majority feel that she can do no wrong and that SHE could have saved herself if she'd just stopped obsessing about Tyson. As for Tyson? He barely made a blip in your collective radarscope. So here are the results:

Talented woman, but she shoulda kept her mouth shut. She was the instrument of her own destruction. 51%

I adore Tabatha, and she can do no wrong. The show won’t be the same without her. 34%

She should have focused on her own goals and talents, but Tyson baited her. 8%

Tyson was more talented than Tabatha. She was afraid of him. That’s why she was so obsessed with him. 4%

Tyson who? 3%

    So here's a new poll, dahlings: My favorite Shear Genius judge or host

Who's your favorite regular judge or host?
Jaclyn Smith
Rene Fris
Sally Hershberger
Michael Carl
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