Wednesday, August 29, 2007

See Ya at The Parker, Michael Twomey

Come on in whenever you wish and work a spell. Oh, and don't forget that in the hotel world the devil is in the details. People don't pay $95 per plate to watch you make mistakes. Before watching this episode, I was all set to dislike Peggy Bilous (what an apropos name), CEO of Desert Cancer Foundation and the woman who accidentally smacked Andrea in the schnoz. She was actually well behaved under the circumstances, because had I been placed in a similar situation I would have found a machete and gone after you. One hopes that her Foundation made a ton of money off this fundraiser, because you did everything you could, Michael, to subvert the event.

Question: Who waltzes in 3 hours late on the day of an important event and keeps his job?
Answer: No one.

Stay tuned for the finale tomorrow night and find out.


cb said...

i started off liking Michael Twomey but jesus - NO ONE can "work" like that and keep their job.

maybe the Parker should think about hiring for something other than Personality and go for something like, i dunno, experience? ability? a work ethic?

i'm sorry this show is leaving already, though; I think it's wonderful! and somehow, just watching the "happy chic" Parker is relaxing.....almost as good as actually being there.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree,no one can "work" like Michael did and expect to keep their job. With that said,I plan on adopting Michael. I adore the guy!


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee,crillke?

That would be brillke.