Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rumbles in Tim Heaven

Well I like Tim Gunn's new show, Guide to Style, even though I am hearing a few grumbles. "I hope the show doesn't have that predictable format every week. That would be boring," said one co worker as we dissed the show around the water ooler.

"Veronica looks mannish," said someone else. Even Tom and Lorenzo would seem to agree with that assessment.

As for me, I adore the whole concept of Tim assessing a woman's look before, during, and after her transformation, trashing her wardrobe, showering her with gifts, taking her for a hair and makeup makeover, and introducing her to designer clothes. I could do without the "life coach," however. Walk the carpet in a garbage bag? Puhlease.

Not everyone is as enamored of the show as me. Frankly, it will take a whole lot of ugly and repetition for me to get bored with this pat formula - at least until Project Runway airs. Thanks for this breath of fresh air, Bravo. Love Tim. Love Veronica Webb. Adore the show. Ahhhh. Finally some relief from that Hey Paula debacle.

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Marius said...

I love Tim Gunn, but I agree with T & L to some extent. The first real episode was a little lackluster. But there's one great thing about the show: no matter what, you can never go wrong with Tim Gunn. The man's knowledge and strong character are enough to get me watching this show every week. However, it's going to take more than that to impress a larger audience.

cb said...

I think it depends on where you're coming from. For me, a woman who does not have a fabulous body (ie, not the body most clothes are designed for), and who doesn't have the best fashion sense in the world, the repetition of this show still feels all new. I NEED the tips Tim and veronica dispense (okay, Tim. She's there to go through the underwear drawer, and that's IT). If you are like the women being made over, then this show is a godsend. If you are ALREADY fabulous, then I can see why it might not be so great.

But I do know there are many more unfabulous people out there than fab, so - we'll see.

Tim Gunn is my new god-hero, though.

auntzue said...

There are already style shows on (What Not To Wear, How Do I Look)so to me, TGGTS seems boring. I've seen and heard the same fashion tips for years. I dislike that Tim is spreading himself around too much. I hope he saves his money for when his persona is burnt out.