Sunday, September 23, 2007

Veronica, dahling, can we talk?

You're tall, thin, gorgeous, witty, and smart. So, do you mind if I give you some advice? Change your hair and makeup. As Tim's sidekick in Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, you are coming across as the person who needs a makeover.

If I may suggest: Soften your hair style a bit. Right now your hair is so mannish that it clashes with some of the outfits you've worn on the show. And your lipstick is so light that one of my friends thinks you have a mustache. I don't think you do, but he swears you have one. I think your upper lip looks dark because your makeup makes you look washed out.

Now, normally I wouldn't tell a woman of your beauty and style how to look. It's none of my business what hairdo you choose or the kind of makeup you wear, but as Tim's sidekick, you are setting yourself up as a style icon.

Thanks for listening, dahling. I'm not saying you look awful; you simply don't look much better than the women you are helping.


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

this whole show needs a make over

madam ovary said...

I think she looks like a high school volleyball coach at an awards banquet.