Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pot pourri of Bravo Links

Top Chef

Rocco Di Spirito posted his blog on Bravo's website yesterday. Click here to read his very interesting take on last week's episode. AND he answers Anthony Bourdain. I'd say he has the final word.

And click here to join the Blogging Top Chef team for their live chat tonight, starting 10 PM EST. They will provide the link to their chat room and instructions.

Flipping Out

For different perspectives on Bravo's new series, click here and here to read Marius' posts, and here, here, and here for my takes on this wonderfully watchable show.

Welcome to the Parker

Also, stay tuned for my reviews of Welcome to the Parker. My first post sits below this one.


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Marius said...

Thanks for the links, Ms. Place. Also, this whole Rocco vs. Anthony thing is quite interesting.