Friday, August 3, 2007

Workout: Chatting With Jesse

Wow first Brian, then Rebecca and now Jesse has drop by the blog to chat with us. Welcome to Bravissimo Jesse!

Us: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Jesse: Um, let's see... I'm 27, born on June 19, 1980- which puts me on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I am originally from Seattle, WA and am the middle child of three (though, it should be noted I now have a baby brother who is 5). I am very close to my family and I speak to my Grandma Jean at least once a week.

I have an endless love for my best friend Jasmine and my dog Sammy. My celebrity favorites are Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Mariah Carey (if that doesn't make me QUITE gay then I don't know what does). I love cooking for my friends and family- I think that is a result of having a Southern mother who always cooks for everyone.

Um, I could go on and on... but let's see what your questions have in store and I will give you more if I feel like we haven't covered all the bases!

Us:Why did you decide to become a trainer?
Jesse: Became a trainer when I enrolled in culinary school- simply because I didn't want to gain a TON of weight!

Us: Were you working at SkySport&Spa when Bravo came calling?
Jesse: No- I was a new hire... I was actually the only trainer hired ON-camera.

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Ms. Place said...

Great interview. I felt like I got to know Jesse a little better.